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Nearshore Enterprise Solutions

Our focus is essentially on specific solutions for a set of industries where we have expertise. In a software development and consultancy work, Nearshoring-Portugal designs, develops and monitors the delivered solutions.

Banking & Finance





Media and Entertainment

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Online Services


Travel and Hospitality

DevOps Solutions

The DevOps culture has been clearly growing in recent years, both due to the streamlining of processes and the constant monitoring of projects.

A project built on top of a DevOps culture, therefore, benefits from the standardization of routines (such as automated deployment), allowing teams to focus more on tasks that add value.

Finally, there is the reduction of human error, which is carried out by the automated CI / CD process. An agile method is always better than chaos, don’t you think?

Cloud Solutions

When we talk about cloud solutions, we immediately think about the scalability they offer us. But is that all? Well, there is more than scalability.

Tools such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS, for example, provide fast and workable accessibility and connection anywhere in the globe.

In addition, the security inherent in this type of solutions makes it possible to protect sensitive data from undesirable access. That said, there is a considerable reduction in time-to-market since developers no longer worry about maintaining a code infrastructure.

IoT & Embedded Solutions

IoT has promoted a vast number of possibilities for the business world. There are solutions capable of reading data from various sources. We’re talking about and microphones. Besides that, we also have the showing of products that are unmade, whose idea can be changed in real-time, thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality.

From the embedded solutions it is possible to take full advantage of the technology, which means utilizing the various platforms properly integrated. The result is simple: more active engagement with customers and a higher conversion rate.