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Nearshoring Portugal

Lisbon: An attractive Nearshore center

Expanding the development team requires careful and thoughtful evaluation, in which several factors are considered.
At Nearshoring-Portugal, we recognize the importance of such a key decision, as well as the need for a cohesive and lasting partnership. For this, it is essential to attract and retain talent, providing them with the best working conditions.
However, it is not just talent that builds a nearshore team capable of responding to the needs of the market. The variables can range from location to cultural aspects, and none of these isolated factors can or should serve as the basis for an ultimate decision. In this manner, we decided to list the factors to be considered, and what we believe are united in a unique harmony in Lisbon.



New Lisbon, old reputation

It seems distant the 16th century and all the dynamics of the time. Although the truth is that Lisbon regained, in the 21st century, the distinction of “stage for the meeting of every culture.” 
The boats arriving and departing from the Tagus River were replaced by flights from all over the world; the experienced navigators and traders by technological entrepreneurs; and, finally, the astronomical and cartographic knowledge of Casa da Índia gave rise to a crucial meeting point for worldwide innovation as the Web Summit. As at that time, Lisbon is nowadays an important business center recognized for its investment in innovation, technological growth and quality infrastructure. But after all, what makes Lisbon a top business center? So let’s go into detail.


Tech Hub

In recent years, Portugal has become a “technological trend” and is often recognized as one of the best places in the world to live, work and do business. A vibrant tech life and highly qualified people, contribute to Portugal taking over as one of the main nearshore centers, which is recognized by the latest OECD data. Portugal is the second country in Europe with the highest rate of engineering graduates, the 19th in the world in terms of innovation, but it does not stay here. Optical Fiber was still a mirage for many countries in Europe, and Portugal had already taken great steps in extending that network. The same, in fact, may mean the introduction of electric cars, in which Portugal is the world leader in fast and ultra-fast chargers. A link between cultures and continents, Lisbon is the place where technological development is embraced by the boom of startups and by the fixation of giants like Google and Microsoft.


Quality of life

The Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Portuguese gastronomy are unique ingredients, but we cannot dismiss the peaceful and welcoming character of the Portuguese population. Those who visit Lisbon are inevitably fascinated by the security with which we can stroll through the city at any time. It is usual to attribute this to the extraordinary mixture of cultures that is felt from the west to the east of the city. Did you know that Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world? It’s a real oasis in Europe, isn’t it? 

Quality of life in Lisbon



Cultural affinity

As you can guess, the charms of Lisbon do not end with what we have already mentioned. If we think about one of the key aspects for the setup of a development team in nearshore, most decision-makers will respond – communication. It is precisely at this point that Portugal and Lisbon, consequently, have a great advantage. As the westernmost country in Europe, we share similar time zones with most European countries, which in itself is a facilitator of communication and the introduction of agile methods. The scenario improves considerably if we take into account the innate predisposition of the Portuguese people in language learning, as well as the recognized proficiency in the English language.
For these and other reasons, a business trip to Lisbon can be an enriching experience, which combines the convenience of an airport in the city center with the kindness of a people accustomed to welcoming those who come from outside.


Nearshoring-Portugal: The Portuguese door to personalized software development

At Nearshoring-Portugal we focus our expertise on allocating qualified developers who are able to provide an enterprise solution tailored to the needs of our customers’ industry. It is not just about finding qualified developers but introducing them to our dynamic customized solutions. Through a structure that includes Operations Manager, scrum methodology and specialists in more than 10 different industries, Nearshoring-Portugal is a reliable partner capable of combining software development with consulting service.

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