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Nearshoring in Portugal

Nearshoring-Portugal is an IT platform with more than 10 years of experience in Nearshore projects.
The bet on the nearshore in Portugal has been a recurring practice in Europe, largely due to the vibrant tech life and highly skilled people. As the third safest country in the world, Portugal is equipped with the best infrastructure, adding to the fact that it is the country in Europe with the second-highest rate of degrees in engineering.

International Innovation Leader
Rate of Engineering Graduates in Europe
Safest Country in the World


Significant decrease in software development costs

Easier Integration

Engaging with a team that possesses cultural similarities, a shared language

Availability of Talent

Access to skilled staff with specific skills as needed


Being in the same timezone enables seamless communication between teams

Enterprise Solutions

The specific needs of certain industries require tailor-made solutions. With experience in more than 10 industries, Nearshoring-Portugal offers its customers IT solutions such as Cloud Management, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. Besides that, we have the in-house know-how to develop appropriate tools for each business model, from digital banking and blockchain to VR & AR applications and Assets Tracking. Nearshoring-Portugal, thanks to its time in the market, has an operational structure capable of attracting the most valuable talent in the Portuguese market, providing it with adjusted working conditions. European best practices.

Cloud Management

We’re focused on cloud business models such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in a scalable way.


We ensure cohesion between development and operations teams, working on a DevOps methodology of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Artificial Intelligence

A hot topic in recent years, Artificial Intelligence is a catalyst for reducing costs and allocating employees to added value tasks. What are you waiting for to make that qualitative leap?

Big Data

The bet on big data, especially through technologies like Python, allows companies to make informed decisions, reduce costs and, finally, predict future situations.

Why Portugal

Portugal has long stood out as a reference point in terms of nearshore outsourcing. In addition to being the third safest country in the world, Portugal has a technologically advanced telecommunications infrastructure network. The next-generation optical fiber network, for example, already covers most of the territory. According to the Digital Economy and Society Index 2017 Portugal positions itself, above the EU average, in terms of Connectivity (10th), Integration of Digital Technology (9th) and
of Digital Public Services (10th).

How We Setup Teams



Must be able to introduce Nearshoring-Portugal offer in a clear way and make sure to have all the elements required to start the engagement.


Regular interaction allows to
better understand. Sometimes, we can close a sale in less than a month, other times it takes a lot more. Potential client’s concerns and doubts must be addressed with clarity.

Team Setup

The assigned Business Development Manager leads the process. Client should involve staff capable of validating and approving team members.


A win-win deal does not end when the contract is signed. It starts there.The Operations Team uses the Cleverti Agile Operations Framework in order to reduce technical risk, ensure quality control, provide support.

We design your customized solution. Let’s talk!