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Nearshore to Portugal. The best in Europe.

Nearshore is something that is considered quite new for many companies and is often associated to the phenomenon of outsourcing that started appearing in the late 60’s.

Nearshoring however is a much more evolved and refined method of improving a company’s bottom line as well as day to day operations.

The main difference between them, is that nearshore uses the competitive advantage of geographic, cultural, and also social proximity between the two companies involved.

The beginning of Nearshoring

After several years of pure outsourcing to remote locations, more and more companies started moving their operations back to their main country, or nearshoring instead of outsourcing

This phenomenon happened because companies started experiencing the other side of outsourcing..

Working with a company in the other side of the world, living a different culture, and on a completely different timezone is not easy job.

The Failures of Outsourcing

Outsourcing became a synonym of cost-cutting.

Because of that, companies abused it, and quickly saw that not everything should be outsourced.

Some started outsourcing almost everything, from development to other core business processes, and the results were very mixed.

This gave outsourcing a bad reputation, and it is quite understandable.

It’s important to think well before jumping into potentially business disrupting decisions.

The memes of Indian customer support agents have not been lost on the latest generations.

The Rise of Nearshoring

The simple truth is that companies will always have the need to search for talents in their neighbourhood: Either for skilled labor or cheaper labor.

The time gap between the head office and the outsourcing operation sometimes exceeds the 8 hours.

Additionally there are also many cultural & social differences between two geographical places so far away.

This is why nearshore is so valuable. Nearshoring solves the main issues that Outsourcing had. You have the option to work with a partner that is very similar and close to you, at the same time you have all the advantages of outsourcing.

But there is a new reason to Nearshore (Since 2015)

Software Developers and Testers in the main European city capitals are exhausted. There are no skilled labor available to hire in Europe.

Portugal gives you the opportunity to hire a team of excellent professionals, at an affordable price. Every year thousands of engineers leave our universities with a degree.

This is why we can provide software services, with or without project management that feels part of your own company.

Cleverti and Portugal solve issues other countries and companies have not been able to.

Portugal is uniquely positioned to serve the main markets in Europe.

We believe that to have a good partnership, we must understand and hear what clients truly need.

Our excellent team, coupled with the lower cost of living give us the possibility of offering a superior service to companies that are based in higher average cost of living countries like Germany, France, and the The United Kingdom.

During the last 10 years, we have been working in long term collaboration with 12 different countries.

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